For the first time, it appears that OnePlus has discountinued any Mobile Device. OnePlus X has silently discontinued it without announcement prior to discontinuation.

It was launched about a year ago by OnePlus for developing nations. It was priced $199 in the US with decent specs with Snapdragon 801 on Board. OnePlus gained huge sales in India and other markets.

It seems, after the launch of the OnePlus 3, company has opted to discontinue the OnePLus X. This stuff came up as some users who have ordered it are recieving emails from OnePlus regarding the no-stock. ALso they are stating that they doesn’t have any plans to replenish stock for the X.

So this seems like, production has been stopped and no OnePlus X devices are going to be produced for now.

Is it the right time for the OnePlus X farewell?


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