We have talked about the app that OnStar offers for Android smartphones before. The app called RemoteLink has been updated to support a new navigation feature that some drivers will find very appealing. The app allows the user to search for a destination on the smartphone and then send it directly to the vehicle.

Once the destination is sent to the vehicle it can be access audibly from the OnStar Turn-by-Turn system or via the in-dash navigation system inside the car. The app supports all current OnStar RemoteLink-enabled vehicles. The app also allows the user to route themselves to any address in their contacts list or speak a destination using voice search.
The app will also store the last five destinations that the user searched for on the phone. The updated app is set to be available on the Android Market as of today. The new feature will also be added to the iOS app as well (pictured). I can see this being very useful, I often get my navigation device ready the night before a trip and this update would make that easier.
[via GM]


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