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Opera for Android Version 20 is now here with various new features but WebRTC support is on the top of the list. WebRTC-compatible browser allows you to start a video call with anyone without any external plugin or app or software.

 opera android

Along with the WebRTC support there are many features like new UI layouts, a redesigned speed dial page, and a smarter download manager. “The web is the ultimate meeting place for all forms of communication, so why not build video communication capabilities right into the mobile browser?” says Peter Wallman, SVP of Mobile Products at Opera Software. “We have worked with the folks at appear.in before, and their site is a very neat example of how to combine cutting-edge web technologies into a useful service that is free and simple to use, yet powerful.”

In more detail about WebRTC You will be able to have in-browser video calls with up to seven users of Opera or other WebRTC-compliant browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. Here are some other features of the new features:

  • A fresh look for the Speed Dial reflects a flat design.
  • Users of Opera for Android can now choose how to set up the browser navigation bars to suit their mobile phone or tablet.

Source: Opera | Google Play


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