Opera discontinues VPN app Opera Max


3 years ago, Opera launched an Android app called, Opera Max, a VPN based data saver app. Opera Max basically routes all the data from your apps to the Opera servers to compress the images and videos thus saving your data.

It also makes use of VPN technology, to create a virtual private network which masks your IP address helping you to stay secure online. While the app has millions of downloads and a lot of positive reviews, Opera is unfortunately removing the app from the Play Store.

Starting today, you can no longer download the app. However, Opera has announced in a blog post that it would still provide the support for the current users for a few days. Opera will terminate the server support for the Opera Max in a few weeks after which no one can use the app.

Opera has reasoned that, the Opera Max app made it look like Opera had a different product focus and their main aim is to create browser related products. But don’t worry there are plenty of good alternatives for Opera Max available at Play Store. You could download and use any of them to replace it.