Opera for Android is one of the popular browsers on Android but only after other major players. That does not make it a bad browser as it comes with many useful features. Even now, the new update which is currently being rolled out brings an option to block those frustrating cookie dialogs.


If you are an Opera browser, you might certainly want to enable this new option to block the cookie dialogs. In order to do so, first of all, open the Opera for Android app on your smartphone. Then,  go to Settings -> Ad Blocking and toggle on the ‘Block cookie dialogs’ option.

Not only this update brings the ability to block the cookie dialogs automatically, but also several other cookie-related preferences. Such as ‘Accept all cookies‘, ‘Deny all cookies‘, and ‘Deny all third-party cookies‘. According to Opera, they have tested this feature on over 1,500 websites. Though the company has introduced this feature to their Android app, they encourage users to report cookie dialogs using a built-in-tool integrated into the browser itself.

If you are interested in this new feature, make sure you have the latest version of the Opera Browser installed on your smartphone. In case you don’t have it, update the app from the Play Store now.


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