Opera Touch browser

Opera browser for our smartphones and laptops is available for ages But due to the changing industry trends, they often make changes to their application. In this particular story, we are here to tell you all about a new browser from the house of Opera known as the Opera Touch. According to Opera, this browser will make your browsing experience a lot easier and it packs numerous fresh features as well. So before you download it let me give you some in-depth details about this browser.

Opera is bragging it as the browser which can be entirely used by one hand. As described by the brand this browser will make the mobile and laptop browsing experience a lot better. The Opera Touch browser has been redesigned from the roots so that a person can have an equal level of joy but by investing fewer efforts. There is no start animation, the browser directly starts with the search screen which is straightforward and practical at the same time. After opening, you can simply tap on the search bar to bring up the keyboard.

The UI of the browser looks refreshing and minimal which is appreciable here. The browser also packs some cool inbuilt add-ons like Voice search, QR codes and Barcodes scanning. After opening the browser you will notice an icon below termed as the “Fast Action Button”. By holding it for a moment a menu will trigger from where one can navigate through various tabs, Scan barcodes, Voice search, etc. With Opera Touch, you can link your Laptop’s Opera browser by just scanning the QR code generated, so there is no need to log in.

With the linking ability, a user can share links, texts, videos, audios, and images with themselves and can start browsing from the page where they left on their laptop. At present, the browser is only available for Android platform but it will be soon made available to iOS as well.


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