Here is Oppo N1 Special Pepsi Edition


And just after the Oppo N1 going official, we have a strange news coming in. According to it the Soft Drink Manufacturer and the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer might be pairing up, yes you heard it right, Pepsi has paired up with Oppo for Special Pepsi Edition N1.


Oppo N1 Cyanogenmod edition made perfect sense, a customized ROM developer group to be working and developing the Custom Interface for Oppo N1, but Pepsi does not make any sense actually. Now this Chinese Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition comes in a very Pepsi like box, with the brand colors of the logo of Pepsi., and also the back has the similar kind of look with the red, white and blue colors which can be pretty easily related to Pepsi Logo.

There has been no official announcement whether the edition would pack any difference in the Hardware or not, but the phone definitely apart from the looks and packaging has a built in Pepsi theme pre-installed in it. Also Pepsi launched a gift event, in which a lucky cosumer could win a Pepsi Edition N1. So what’s your take on the Pepsi N1?



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