Our Expectations From Google I/O 2015


Google I/O 2015 is here and we are going to cover it on our Google I/O 2015 portal. There are lot of rumors going on in the market which say Google is going to announce its new Android version known with the name of Android M.

Google-IO-2015 (1)

First of all let’s discuss about

Android M

Google is expected to announce the next Android Version, Android M. Particularly, there’s lot less leaked or rumored about the new version, so there are no more details that are available right now.

In new version of android we are expecting

  • One-touch fingerprint authentication for apps
  • Greater app-permission control
  • Android Pay
  • Android For Work

Android Wear:

In Android Wear we are expecting new version of the Android Wear with some new exciting features.

Project Ara:

It’s one of the big announcements that we are waiting for this year. This is the project through which one can customize the phone using different blocks.

Also there are many new things like, new Chromecast, virtual reality, real time maps, etc

Stay connected with us through our Google I/O 2015 portal for the announcements!

You can watch the livestream of Google I/O 2015 here.


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