Panasonic has shown off a very cool looking new smartphone that will be headed to Europe next year. We heard that Panasonic was going to move outside Japan with its smartphones last month. The new smartphone will hit in March of 2012 specifically and it looks very nice with rounded edges. One of the key features of the new smartphone is that it has a 4.3-inch qHD OLED display. That screen has a resolution of 960 x 540.

The rounded edges give the phone a D-shape profile. Panasonic hasn’t offered a smartphone outside the Japanese home market in a long time so this device will be the first time many Europeans are able to get their hands on a smartphone from Panasonic. Other interesting features of this smartphone include that it is somewhat rugged with some water resistance and the phone is dustproof.
After the phone hits Europe next March, it will head to other countries as well. The device will make it to Asia and North America. We don’t have all the specs right now on this phone, but we expect to see them in the coming weeks, as the launch date gets closer. Panasonic will need to have a well rounded device because the brand name along won’t cut it in the competitive Android market.
[via SlashGear]


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