PapayaMobile bills itself as the leading social gaming network for Android and the company has announced a milestone. Since the beginning of 2011, the company has experienced massive growth with Android users with over 940% growth. This week the company announced that it has now passed 25 million users and the network is continuing its growth. The company also offered up more details on its growth and network.

Papaya has handled more than 11 million paid transactions using its own virtual currency. The average revenue per paying user on the network is $22.60 per month. The average revenue per user across all Papaya Game Engine games is more than $10 monthly. The company claims that on average 1 in 5 users purchase virtual currency in the games that use the Papaya Game Engine.
The single largest spend by a user on the network was $4,440 and according to Papaya popular titles on its network earn on average over $20,000 monthly. China is listed as the fastest growing market for the firm with more than 500% growth since January of this year with growth in Europe at 224% and in the US growth is 222%. I wonder what game the user that spent $4,440 in a month was playing.


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