Some time back Samsung announced that it was working on a modified PayPal app that would be able to run on its Tizen powered smartwatch the Gear 2 and it looks like Samsung was working on it because the PayPal app capable of working on Gear 2 is now out. The app is named as Version 1.40.

Gear 2 orange

The new PayPal app , that runs on the Gear 2 will let you pay and check-in at local stores, receive payment notifications on the go, keep a record of recent transactions and even redeem coupons. All this on your smartwatch, just a swipe away. The PayPal app is now available for you to download if you own a Gear 2 from the Samsung Gear manager.

For those of you wondering what the app would look like running on the Gear 2, we have a video clip that might just serve this purpose. Go ahead and have a look. And dont forget to leave your views in comments below.


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