Here’s a big achievement for Pebble, a company whoch is one of the early startups to the SmartWatch market. Pebble has sold over 1 Million Smartwatches ountil 31st December.

Eric Migicovsky has revealed that company has surpassed sales of over 1 million units and also showcased future plans of the company. Currently it is pretty difficult for us to evaluate the sales mark as no other Smartwatch manufacturer has announced the sales figure. Coming on to the Pebble achievement again, then company has doubled its sales sunce march last year. It is quite astonishing job from Pebble that they have doubled the sales of smartwatches.

Pebble is going to initiate a new kind of software which will different from the current software that is being used on smartwstches now a days. They will try something different things with upcoming software in 2015. Focus is to move away from the typical app based model.

Right we have no hint rrgarding the Pebble’s nee software.

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