There are a lot of movie and TV show fans just like those who love music. Of course, software and application developers never forgot about them as apparent in these mobile devices applications.




This is known in the World Wide Web as the best resource for anything that has to do with movies and TV series. In the website, you will be able to look up movies and see the complete titles, casts, plots, updates, and any information about almost everything.

You may also read biographies of actors and actresses, indulge in some fun trivia bits, watch trailers, read descriptions if you are unsure whether to watch a movie or TV series, and you can also write reviews for the ones that you have watched. All these goodness are now available for download at no cost at all.

imdb android movie apps

Download IMDB at Google Play

Hulu Plus

hulu android movie apps

This is the ultimate application for couch potatoes. This application will allow them to watch live streaming of their favorite TV shows. They can also watch reruns of their old favorites. They can do this over 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection. They can also watch movies using Hulu Plus. They can pause what they are watching and just resume when they have time. This application is free to try for a week. After the trial period, it may be availed through a $7.99 monthly subscription.

Download Hulu Plus at Google Play



It might look like just another movie/TV application. Well, it is, in a manner of speaking. You will be able to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, both old and new. However, what sets it apart from other movie/TV apps is that it is totally free. It is free to download and it does not require a subscription fee.

Download Crackle at Google Play



SeriesGuide may be one of the prettiest faces in the application world. It has a sophisticated looking interface and the contents are very organized. The contents are updated movies and TV shows alike. It is also fully-functional and fast, which makes it perfect for people who are always on-the-go but likes catching up on what’s happening in his or her favorite TV series whenever there is time. It is free to download.

Download Series Guide at Google Play



Another popular movie website, it is now available as a mobile device application. It may be used for downloading and watching movies. There are other available functions as well like creating must-see movie lists, watch trailers of upcoming movies to choose which ones will end up on the must-see list, check movie showing times so you will not be late for your target screening, and get some help before making decisions or choices by reading other application users’ reviews on a particular movie.



A South Korea pride, Viki features Korean drama and movies with English subtitles. It is perfect for those who want to watch something new and learn about the country’s culture and people along the way. It also features anime shows and music videos. This application may be downloaded for free.

Download Viki at Google Play



Plex is another movie/TV application that mobile device owners can use to watch movies and videos using their mobile devices. They can also use it to view photos. Another unique feature of the application is that people can also create their own videos that they can watch and share to their friends. The best part is that it can convert videos to the application users’ desired format. This application costs $4.99.

Download Plex at Google Play

There are a lot of ways on how mobile devices may be maximized. Its sole purpose which is for communication is now a thing of the past. Now, it is also used for business, work, and recreation.


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