Phones 4u landed itself a pretty sweet exclusive when it became the first retailer in the UK – and indeed one of the first in the world – to offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Our boss man decided to snap one up on Friday, but discovered that Phones 4u had jacked the price by a whopping £100.
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus went on sale on Thursday at £529.95 SIM free, but the following day the in-store price had risen inexplicably to a wallet-punching £629.95. Encroyable!
A visit to the Phones 4u twitter profile reveals a host of angry customers. One understandably irate user, @marcode, reports: “so.. @phones4u tell me they have some nexus in stock… but their stand alone price is 650 quid. F*ck that. absolute f*ckin jokers.”.
@WMusialkiewicz adds: “@phones4u is spitting in their customers faces by rising the price of Galaxy Nexus overnight. Worst customer experience ever.”
@dajmeister called the Oxford Street store and reveals: “They are calling the 529 price a ‘release date price ‘ now it is 629 sim free.”
However, Phones 4u has quickly u-turned, and announced via twitter: “We want you to be happy with our deals, so we’re dropping the price of the SIM free Galaxy Nexus back down to £529.95 from (Sunday) morning!”


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