As things ramp up for the debut of HTC’s fall 2011 lineup, it’s only natural that more HTC phones show up in the wild.  The latest phone to get exposed to the public is the HTC Bliss.  Verizon is expected to launch the HTC Bliss this fall as the first phone from HTC targeted directly at women.  We’re not sure how well that marketing plan will go over, but we’re certainly pleased with the look of the handset.   We’re expecting the European launch of the HTC Bliss to feature a variety of handset colors and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the phone made its debut on September 1st in London.

The HTC Bliss is said to feature HTC Sense 3.5 while the handset’s size and looks are pretty close to those of the HTC Desire S. What do you think of the HTC Bliss?



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