RadiumOne has launched a new app that is on the Android Market and available for the iPhone as well called PingMe. The app allows users to end that expensive text messaging plan that most of us have and go with an app that allows for direct real time chatting and sharing of photos without charges from your carrier. The catch, as with all other apps like this, is that the people you want to chat with need to have PingMe installed as well.

The company behind the app says that it is coming for more platforms as well. PingMe allows the user to create dynamic groups on the fly so chats can be had among multiple people at the same time. The service is free and offers unlimited messaging and photo sharing. Pingme also has a cool Geo Imprint feature that lets the users find each other on a map so they can meet in the real world.
Other features include Status Updates and message notifications even when the app is closed. Messages sent with the app are secured with an individual signature to let the receiver know they are real. PingMe can be downloaded now on the Android Market.


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