Pixel 2 Google App teardown: “Hey Google” hotword might come to Google Assistant on Phones


Soon, Google might be adding a secondary Hotword so as to summon its Assistant on smartphones, along with the existing “OK Google” detection. Some developer geeks over XDA did a teardown of Google App and had digged out certain codes that hints the possible incorporation of “Hey Google” Hotword in Google Assistant on phones.

The teardown was done on Pixel 2/XL exclusive Google App with version Interestingly, following strings are seen in the decompiled Google App of Pixel 2 suggesting “Hey Google” detection.

<string name="hotword_enrollment_summary_text_screen_assistant_device">Your Assistant can now recognize your voice when you say \"%1$s\" or \"%2$s\".</string>
<string name="hotword_enrollment_summary_usage_example_first">"Ok Google, what's my name?"</string>
<string name="hotword_enrollment_summary_usage_example_second">"Hey Google, what's the traffic to work?"</string>
<string name="hotword_enrollment_summary_usage_example_third">Ok Google, tell me about my day.</string>

“Hey Google” Detection On Google Home

As some of you might know, “Hey Google” detection is already possible in Google Assistant, but only on Google Home. Moreover, most of the folks prefer and find comfy enunciating Hey Google rather than Ok Google. So, the Hey Google hotword integration in the Assistant on phone is quite welcoming.

However, since these findings are as a result of teardown. It’s not necessary that the aforementioned Hey Google detection should make it in a future release. Because, it may be pulled-off at any time in a future build.


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