Though Google’s second generation Pixel duo feature the best camera on any smartphone, the bigger XL has some serious problems with basic stuff. Starting with the blue shift and burn in on the displays as well as poor color calibration, the OTA issue and some more. However, Google has fixed many issues which can be dealt with the software update. But, new issues arise for the XL variant by any means.

The new issue which is faced by users around the world is poor voice recording across various instant messaging apps. The list includes WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Allo and more. Users can record the audio and send it, but the recipients could not listen to them even by turning the volume all the way up or using headphones. The volume of the recorded audios are too low to be understood.

However, normal voice recordings and calls are fine. The problem does not seem to go away even by factory resetting or re installing those apps. And users are facing this issue both on Android 8.0 as well as 8.1. Also, this problem persists only in the XL variant. Smaller Pixel 2 does not seem to be affected.

Moreover, Google user community manager Orrin said that they are aware of the problem and already looking into it. Which clearly means that this issue will be fixed soon in near future via software update.


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