Pixel Visual Core not enabled in Android 8.1 DP1, coming in DP2


Google’s 2017 flagship duo Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were announced few weeks back. Google advertises them as the “highest rated smartphone camera” and even it is according to most of the tech reviewers. At the launch, Google stated that the duo comes with Pixel Visual Core – a co-processor for image processing and machine learning which will be activated later. It was thought that it will be activated in Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 but it is not.

Image Source : Google


Google confirmed it via their release notes on the Android Developers page. They also said that it will be enabled in Developer Preview 2 which they are planning to release in November. According to Google, any app using camera APIs can make use of the Pixel Visual Core starting DP2. To recall, this new co-processor is designed by Google to speed up the image processing time by 5 times compared to the Snapdragon 835 which powers the duo.

The Pixel 2 duo is rated 97 points by DxOMark, an industry leading camera reviewing team. Thus, the Pixel 2 duo now sits at the top in the smartphone camera points table. Anyways points are points, they do not tell the real-life performance similar to benchmarks. Are you excited for the activation of Pixel Visual Core ? Comment below.

Source: Google


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