Play Store Sale: 40 Apps and Games that are on Sale


Almost every week Google provides some of its paid applications and games for a lower price or sometimes even for free. This week as well, they have some crazy deals about apps and games belonging to various categories. Here in this article, we will be giving you the brief list of the apps that are on sale. From there you can download the apps and games as per your liking. This list will include apps from various categories like customization, education, movie, etc.

The price for some apps and games has been lowered down which means you can’t install every app for free but can get them for a comparatively cheap price. These offers are on a temporary basis so it may be possible that in a day or two the offer will get expired.

We have all the lists of the apps and games of all the time at our Play Store Deals portal. So what are you waiting for? Without wasting any time let’s get to the list:

S. No.CategoryGamesPriceDownload Link
01ActionNightenfell: Shared ARFreeDownload
02ActionStickman Legends: Shadow WarsFreeDownload
03ActionStickman Revenge 3: League of HeroesFreeDownload
05ActionHitman SniperFreeDownload
06Role PlayingCoin Princess VIPFreeDownload
07Role PlayingBuff Knight Advanced-Retro RPG RunnerFreeDownload
08ActionLeague of Stickman 2018-Ninja Arena PVPFreeDownload
09PuzzleBridge Constructor Portal200 INRDownload
10ActionLichtspeer130 INRDownload
11ActionOTTTD: Over the Top TD75 INRDownload
12StrategyBloons TD 565 INRDownload
13ActionFortress: DestroyerFreeDownload
14ActionBloons Supermonkey 2FreeDownload
15PuzzleThe Guides130 INRDownload
16BoardQuadropoly Pro160 INRDownload
17StrategyXCOM: Enemy Within320 INRDownload
18AdventureThimbleweed Park320 INRDownload
19PuzzleThe Room Two65 INRDownload
20Role PlayingNimian Legends: BrightRidge75 INRDownload


Play Store Deals

S.No.CategoryAppsPriceDownload Link
01ToolsDraw on Screen proFreeDownload
02ToolsScreen Draw Screenshot ProFreeDownload
03CommunicationDual Browser Pro45 INRDownload
04ProductivityRoot Explorer110 INRDownload
05ProductivityCalenGoo- Calendar and Tasks99 INRDownload
06ParentingKids CommissionFreeDownload
07PersonalizationRay of Sun Icon PackFreeDownload
08ToolsQuick Volume ControlsFreeDownload
09PersonalizationPitchBlack Substratum Theme80 INRDownload
10Personalization[Substratum] // QUEZTAL70 INRDownload
11PersonalizationPeppo Icon PackFreeDownload
12PersonalizationPostamp- Icon PackFreeDownload
13ArcadeNesBoy! Pro60 INRDownload
14PersonalizationRubiQ Substratum Theme50 INRDownload
15ArcadeSpace War (Wear OS)FreeDownload
16PersonalizationKAIP Material Icon Pack55 INRDownload
17PersonalizationAlined Substratum Theme60 INRDownload
18ArcadeSpace War (Wear OS)FreeDownload
19PersonalizationnBubble EliteFreeDownload
20PersonalizationChroma Float LWPFreeDownload


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