Play Store Deals: Download 40 Premium Apps and Games that are on Sale


Google is very generous towards its users, it often provides crazy deals on their apps through Play Store. Here we are talking about paid apps and games, generally to enjoy them you have to pay a certain amount. During the sale period, you can get them for little or even for zero amount. Today we are here with the list of some paid apps and games that are on sale at present.

This list includes Games from various genres, educational apps, personalization apps and much more. It is worth mentioning that they are temporary deals so try them to avail on time otherwise, you may have to regret later. Few paid apps here are totally free of cost while on some Google is offering a heavy discount. So without wasting any time let’s get to the list.

S.No.CategoryAppsPriceDownload Link
01ToolsNetwork Analyzer Pro65 INRDownload
03PersonalizationCornie Icons40 INRDownload
04PersonalizationNoizy Icons40 INRDownload
05Books & ReferenceonTouch English Dictionary PremiumFreeDownload
06Music & AudioElite Music ProFreeDownload
07Music & AudioOneamp Pro-Music PlayerFreeDownload
08Music & AudioPowerAudio ProFreeDownload
09PersonalizationSUMMER Wallpapers 4K ProFreeDownload
10PhotographyNATURE Wallpapers 4K ProFreeDownload
11PersonalizationBeach Wallpapers 4K ProFreeDownload
12PersonalizationGym Fitness Wallpapers 4K ProFreeDownload
13PersonalizationRain Wallpapers 4K ProFreeDownload
14ProductivitySkanApp hands-free PDF scannerFreeDownload
15PersonalizationN Launcher ProFreeDownload
16PersonalizationTransparent Screen ProFreeDownload
17PersonalizationTree Village 3D Pro LWPFreeDownload
18PersonalizationArt Alive 3D Pro LWPFreeDownload
19EducationLearn Vietnamese Language200 INRDownload
20PersonalizationAspire UX S9-Icon Pack15 INRDownload


The above list has informed you all of the latest apps that are on sale. The below present list is targeted to the gamers community. If you are looking for some paid Games that are available for a decreased price then consider going through the below list.

S.No.CategoryGamesPriceDownload Link
01CasualThe Mystery of Blackthorn CastleFreeDownload
02StrategyLittle Stars for Little Wars 2.0FreeDownload
03ActionSpace Marshals150 INRDownload
04StrategyBattlevoid: Harbinger80 INRDownload
05StrategyAge of Civilizations65 INRDownload
06StrategyBattlevoid: Sector Siege99 INRDownload
07RacingReckless Racing 370 INRDownload
08ActionThe Slimeking’s Tower80 INRDownload
09ActionLemegeton Master Edition120 INRDownload
10StrategyData Defense50 INRDownload
11StrategyOut There: Edition70 INRDownload
12Role PlayingOut There Chronicles-Ep. 170 INRDownload
13Role PlayingDungeon Rushers70 INRDownload
14PuzzleMath Puzzle Saga PROFreeDownload
15ArcadeCake Roasting Mania PROFreeDownload
16BoardDamn Little TownFreeDownload
17StrategyRedsun RTS Premium35 INRDownload
18Role PlayingAlter Dogma90 INRDownload
19AdventureSwordbreaker The Game35 INRDownload
20ArcadeI.F.O60 INRDownload


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