Welcome to our weekly Play Store deals corner. This time, we have compiled a list consisting of only premium icon packs which are temporarily free on the Play Store. In other words, this week’s Play Store Deals article is soled dedicated to free premium icon packs.

icon packs

All the below-listed premium icon packs will be free for limited time only. Thus, make sure to download the ones you like before its too late. Once installed on your smartphone, these icon packs will be yours for the lifetime. In case you switch to a new phone, these apps can be still installed that device too.

Along with free premium icon packs, we have also included a couple of free high-quality wallpapers apps collection as well.

Free Premium Icon Packs

Sr. No.



Play Store Link

01Linex – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
02Azix – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
03Spheroid – Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
04Jono Pro$1.99 FREEDownload
05Tabloid Icon$1.49 FREEDownload
06Tigad Pro Icon Pack$1.99 FREEDownload
07Sailfish – Icon PackDownload
08Ecobo – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
09Minimalist – Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
09S8-UI Note 8Launcher Icon Pack-Nova, Apex, Action$0.99 FREEDownload
10Ortus Icon Pack Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
11Vacuum Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
12Sorun – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
13Fover – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
14Gono – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
15Souron – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
16Birin – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
17Stampify ( Old / Vintage ) Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
18Circlet Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
19DmonD Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload


Free High-Quality Wallpapers

If you are into high-quality wallpapers, then you should download these premium wallpaper apps by developer Motion Wallpapers. All of their $0.99 premium 4K Pro wallpapers are currently free on the Play Store.

Download 4K Pro Wallpaper apps by Motion Wallpapers

Another $0.99 premium Wallpaper app known by the name Wallpaper Club Auto Wallpaper Changer is also free on the Play Store. Get it from here.

We too have compiled a whole lot of high-quality wallpapers from popular smartphones. You can get them from our Wallpapers section.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned to GoAndroid as well as bookmark our Google Play Store Deals page to never miss them.


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