Play Store Deals: Get these premium games at discounted price


Every week, we bring you the list of premium apps which are on sale in the Play Store. Here we are back again with a new list for this weekend.


This time the list is completely occupied by premium games rather than apps and icon packs as usual. Most of these games are heavily discounted and some are even free. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity. Go through the list and install games of your choice.

Play Store Deals: Premium Games At Discounted Price

Sr. No.




Play Store Link

01AdventureSally’s LawFreeDownload
02AdventureFINAL FANTASY IX for Android  ₹1,650 ₹850Download
03Role PlayingACE Academy₹700 ₹130Download
04BoardHouse Arrest detective board game₹130 ₹65Download
05StrategyBraveland₹100 ₹45Download
06StrategyBraveland Wizard₹100 ₹45Download
07StrategyBraveland Pirate₹100 ₹45Download
08PuzzleLinia₹140 FREEDownload
09StrategyAge of Civilizations Africa₹88.45 FREEDownload
10Role PlayingDeadman DiariesFREEDownload
11EducationalMathLand Full Version: Mental Math Games for kids₹110 FREEDownload
12AdventureWormster Dash (Beta)₹250 ₹130Download
13PuzzleDeath Squared₹350 ₹230Download
14ArcadePichon: The Bouncy Bird – Cute Puzzle Platformer₹190 ₹130Download
15PuzzleBejazzled₹65 FREEDownload
16SimulationCook, Serve, Delicious!₹260 ₹130Download
17AdventureInfamous Machine₹190 ₹65Download
18StrategyDoor Kickers₹300 ₹70Download
19PuzzleAngL₹40 FREEDownload
20ActionNeon Chrome₹520 ₹240Download
21ActionOTTD : Over The Top TD₹250 ₹75Download
22PuzzleThe Guides₹190 ₹130Download


As mentioned above, we bring you articles on Play Store Deals every week. Hence, make sure to bookmark our Play Store Deals Page and never miss any deal in the future.


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