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There are some amazing apps on the Google Play Store, but they aren’t free and everyone does not like to pay for apps. So here’s a great chance for those users, they can grab the Play Store premium apps from the Play Store for free. Today, in our Play Store deals, we have added plenty of premium apps that are available for free.

Play Store Deals

All the below-listed apps and games will be free for a limited time only. Thus, make sure to download the ones you like before its too late. Once these are installed on your smartphone, these apps will be yours for a lifetime. Also, in case you switch to a new phone or use multiple devices, they can be installed on them too.

Play Store: Temporarily Free Apps, Games and Icon Packs:

Sr. No.




Play Store Link

1AppsPhoto Exif Editor Pro$2.20 FREEDownload
2AppsEqualizer FX Pro$1.99 FREEDownload
3AppsGloss Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
4AppsParticle Wallpaper Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
5AppsDiron Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
6AppsSagon Icon Pack – Dark$1.49 FREEDownload
7AppsMusic Player Pro$3.49 FREEDownload
8AppsSelfie Camera Pro$3.99 FREEDownload
9GamesMechCom -3D RTS$0.99 FREEDownload
10GamesGod of Battle VIP$0.99 FREEDownload
11GamesMental Hospital: Eastern Bloc$0.99 FREEDownload
12GamesGeoMaze$0.99 FREEDownload
13GamesThe Hunt for Lost Treasure$2.99 FREEDownload
14Games13 Puzzle Rooms, Escape Game$1.99 FREEDownload
15GamesCrown Princess VIP$1.99 FREEDownload
16GamesWordRush Pro: Final Words$1.49 FREEDownload
17GamesStone of Souls 2$1.99 FREEDownload
18GamesBrick Breaker Evolution Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
19AppsNoise FM Unlocker$4.99 FREEDownload
20AppsGreeting Photo Editor$2.99 FREEDownload
21AppsComb S10 Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
22AppsEmail Pro$4.99 FREEDownload
23AppsHD Wallpapers Pro$3.99 FREEDownload
24AppsQR Code Pro$4.49 FREEDownload
25AppsDomver- Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
26AppsBusiness Calculator Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
27AppsOSX Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
28AppsStorage Organizer$3.49 FREEDownload
29AppsBitory Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
29AppsRectcions Icon Pack$1.99 FREEDownload
30AppsDouble Sound+$1.49 FREEDownload

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