Play Store Sale: Get 37 free and paid apps for limited time


As the weekend is here, so is the Play Store sale. This time Google has got in various major titles into the sale for a particular time. Google is making some paid apps free for download from past few years. There are many reasons for which Google posts similar kind of campaigns every week.

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Well, talking about the apps and games that are free this week. You will get many paid games and apps for free for next 24 – 48 hours. It includes Icon packs, live wallpapers, productivity apps, games, etc. You need to head over to the Download link to get the app on discounted price.

Guys lookout every app which you like, as these sales are for a limited time. Grab your favourite apps before they get out of sale. We are listing the Games and Apps below. First you will get all apps that are on sale.

Play Store Apps sale list:

Smart Launcher Pro 3$4.49 -> $0.99Download
Smart Launcher Pro 3$4.49 -> $0.99Download
Call Recorder Pro$3.99 -> FreeDownload
Diff Volley stats $1.99 -> FreeDownload
APK Extractor Pro+ $0.99 -> FreeDownload
 FUNKONG ICONPACK  ($1.99 -> $0.99)Download
 ctOS UI Full Version  ($1.99 -> $0.99)Download
 Photo Studio PRO ($7.99 -> $0.99)Download
 WiFi Mouse HD $4.99 -> FreeDownload
 Knots 3D $1.99 -> FreeDownload
Black Cylinder – Icon Pack(₹130 -> Free)Download
Alphapix – Pixel transparent icon pack($0.99 -> free)Download
Ginevra Icon Pack$1.99 -> freeDownload
Material Reboot$0.89 -> FreeDownload
“PRO Local Bitcoins”($2.99 -> Free)Download
Alarm clock PRO x$5.99 -> $0.99Download
Matte Black Icon Pack:($1.99 -> free)Download
Matte Black Icon Pack:($1.99 -> free)Download
Unicorn Roundies Icon Pack:($1.99 -> free)Download
Pixcyl Icon Pack:($1.99 -> free)Download
Black Cylinder Icon Pack:($1.99 -> free)Download


Now, we are going to list games that are on sale both free and discounted. Check out the list of Games.

Play Store Deals: Games

Trine 2: Complete Story(₹1150 -> ₹240)Download
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition(₹690 -> ₹210)Download
Azkend(₹220 -> ₹80)Download
Lost Journey (Dreamsky)($0.99 -> Free)Download
Via d’uscita / Wayout(€1,99 -> free)Download
Learn English Sentence Master Pro  $15.99 -> FreeDownload
Lil Big Invasion($2,99 -> $0,99)Download
Nightenfell: Shared AR$0.99 -> FreeDownload
Duck Warfare$0.99 -> FreeDownload
A Snake’s Tale(₹200 -> ₹130)Download
AceSpeeder3($0.99 -> free)Download
Beneath the Basement$0.99 -> FreeDownload
 The School : White Day($7.99 -> Free)Download
“Transmission GUI”($4.49 -> Free)Download

QR Code Pro ( Google Play)

($2.99 -> Free)Download

Lil Big Invasion

$5.99 -> $0.99Download


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