pocket news reader android

Pocket app is used by not many people. Okay, so let me tell you what this app is about. The Pocket app is where you can save articles which you want to read later. This app is useful when you find something interesting to read, but due to paucity of time cannot read. Then this app is helpful.

pocket news reader android

The latest news about the app is that it has been updated and new highlighting feature has been added. This has been the most sought feature for Pocket users. Users can now highlight text. I know it’s something weird that previously this app which is meant for reading did not have the highlighting feature.

The features rolling out in version of the App. So for those who stopped using this app due to this highlighting feature, can now come back. The latest update has also disabled the autoplay feature while listening is the another feature of this update. So whatever you highlight you can check it in a visible list through a new Highlights filter.

But there is a catch too with this feature. For premium users there isn’t a worry. As premium users have unlimited access to this feature. But the Free subscribers can only highlight three pieces of text per article.


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