Pogoplug today has just announced their brand new Pogoplug Mobile hardware and software for Android and iOS, bringing unlimited wireless streaming of all your content right to your favorite mobile devices. Pogoplug has been around for a while already and have continued to update their software for Android including a major UI overhaul earlier this month. Today they are back with an all new product.

While cloud-based storage and content streaming isn’t anything new Pogoplus has some great features unique to their service that really makes them stand out. What we have is streaming of photos, music and video libraries from home over your own “personal cloud” to mobile phones, tablets, and laptop all on the go. It even offers automatic and secure backup of mobile content (optional of course).
Pogoplus hardware and software hands-on

The new Pogoplus Mobile will retail for $79.99 and be available starting this October. With a sleek new design and form factor Pogoplus Mobile will be your at home personal cloud storage device. Simple insert any SD card for extra storage or connect as many different external hard drives as one needs. Like in the video you can simply leave your Pogoplus Mobile home with a 1TB or any sized drive attached and have access to stream any content you have anywhere in the world with the new mobile hardware and application.
Shown in the video above a neat new feature is the automatic backup of pictures or videos from your mobile device. Once captured it not only instantly sends it back home to your Pogoplus Mobile device and storage, but it also makes a permanent backup and multiple sizes for when you don’t need the image full-size, or if your connection is lacking and a smaller bitrate file would be more accessible. The Pogoplus app will do all of this automatically in the background so you can do other things, or continue streaming content all while it backs up in the background.
More details will be available shortly
Pogoplus App for Android
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