Pokemon Go Rollout Stops Due to Niantic’s Server Overload

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Pokemon Go has already taken the world to its magic. Everywhere users are playing with it but still it is not available in rest of the world. Pokemon Go global rollout has been stopped due to Server Overload at Niantic side.

Pokemon-Go rollout halted

Due to such a heavy demand, game developer announced yesterday that the global rollout of the AR game is being halted, presumably to allow Niantic to add additional servers.

There are already some lags and glitches reported by users in the United States.This all is due to high demand from around the globe.

Users in U.S., Australia and New Zealand can still play it, while those in the U.K., the Netherlands and other countries will have to wait to install the app.

Currently, we don’t know when Niantic is going to resume the rollout.

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