Polaroid’s Android Camera iM1836 Finally on Sale for $299


The product showcased in CES 2013 is now release in United States with a price tag of $299. The product can be bought from many Walmart stores and Amazon.com for the same price.

The device has a 10-30mm lens kit with 3.5 inch touch screen with Android 4.1 which will give a very nice interface to the gadget. Also the camera has WiFi support for using Google Play which will kep the gadget connected to the Store to download applications.

“This camera has generated tremendous buzz since it first debuted at CES this year,” said Sakar President Jeff Saka. “Now, we’re thrilled to see it hit store shelves, just in time for the holiday season, making it perfect for capturing precious family memories and for gift-giving.



Read more about Polaroid ‘s android camera here.


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