Poll: Are you Using Google Duo App?

Google Duo

Google Duo is out now, many users have installed it but they are not using it. Are you one of them? At the launch, there was huge talk about Duo this and Duo that, but just after a week all went silent.

google duo

Google announced the Duo app at the Google IO 2016 conference. They showcased its features and what special in there. Google Allo was also there, a next gen social messaging chat app, which is coming soon for all Android users.

Coming back onto the Duo, which has lost its sheen in just a week after its launch or you using it regularly? In our opinion we can’t use it on daily basis as sometimes the recipient or sender not in a condition that they can Video chat all the time. It is also a major drawback of the app. To pause video one needs to be on poor network connection.

There’s also a pro of this app that it is purely dedicated for video chat and that too with ease and in high Quality. It is not like other Video Chat applications, which need your login before you can chat. Here, you can proceed by just entering your phone number and the verifying.

Well question arises same,

How many of you have been using it?

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