Fashion is a form of self-expression. It is sad that most people take it for granted. Fashion reveals a part of a person through the clothes one wears, the accessories that are worn with it, and the total look when all the pieces are put together. Application developers saw the importance of fashion and created different applications for fashion-loving mobile devices users.



This application has everything that a fashionista needs. It has a humungous gallery of different styles and clothing pieces that everyone would love to have in their closet. While browsing through the gallery, application users may organize the items that they like. It will make these items available for future viewing. The application also enables the users to shop at the comfort of their own home. Fashionistas can read the blogs of fashion authorities and the style that celebrities have been sporting.


These are perfect chances to find outfit inspiration for the next party. Just like Pinterest, the fashion items may be categorized. Social media sharing is also enabled as pictures taken by users may be shared to different social networking sites.

Download Pose at Google Play

ShopStyle Mobile

This application is a virtual mall wherein everything is just right at the application user’s fingertips. Three hundred stores are brought together and everything in it is available for price comparison. ShopStyle makes online shopping a breeze as application users can browse items by color, size, and price. It will enable shoppers to find exactly what they need in no time. Aside from fashion pieces, application users may also use ShopStyle for furniture shopping. Its for iPhone only. 🙁



One of the best features of this application is its money back guarantee.  It is one thing that most fashion applications do not have. It is easy to use for fashion items and cosmetic shopping. If what the application users like is not available at the moment, they will be given exact time when stocks will be replenished and the particular item will be available again.

Download Zappos app at Google Play

Go try it on

This application makes the users feel like a model in a photoshoot. Its photoshoot mode allows them to take nine consecutive shots. It is a perfect tool to practice striking a pose like a pro. Users may also follow other application users and get fashion inspiration from them. Interaction is another fun part of using this application. Users can get to like photos and post comments. It is perfect if you need to hear someone’s opinion about a particular outfit or look.

Download Go Try It On


This application is more than just your friendly neighborhood weather forecaster. Aside from the weather, it also makes outfit suggestions that are perfect for the temperature outside. These outfits are not just things of beauty but also functional. It will give you the protection and the style that you need. It will give you more than one outfit suggestion so you will have more ideas and you can even mix and match the fashion items that you found in the suggested outfits.


TouchCloset is perfect for planning what to wear while on-the-go. This application will require you to take photos of everything that you have in your closet so that you will be able to take inventory of everything that you have quickly. You can organize all the fashion items that you have. You can mix and match until you find the perfect outfit. A quick look in the photos will tell you what you need to buy. This application costs a cent less than a dollar to download and after exerting some effort in taking photos and organizing these images, you will be able to save time from planning what to wear which usually takes a long time when preparing to go out.

Download Touch Closet

These applications will save you time and effort and help you be the top fashionista in every place that you will go to.


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