Over the last few months, there have been several expanded batteries launch for Android smartphones. These batteries will give the phones they fit about twice the run time with the downside of making the device much fatter and ensuring no cases will fit. PowerSkin has the solution for the person looking for more run time from the HTC Amaze 4G and not wanting a fat battery.

PowerSkin has a new power case for the smartphone that has an extra 1500mAh of power inside. The outside of the case is made from silicone so it will help protect the device if you drop it. The extra juice will help the smartphone by adding up to 410 more minutes of talk. It will also add more time for your video watching and gaming.
I am sure this case will add bulk to the Amaze 4G as a larger battery would. However, at least with the case you can take it off if you want to have a thinner device for some reason. The case will hit T-Mobile stores next week for $69.99.


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