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Google has launched its two new Android phones Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL in “MadebyGoogle” event in San Fransisco. The leaks and rumors already given the glimpses of both these phones.

pixel-white 32GB Pixel will cost $649.99 ($27.08/month for 24 months)

32GB Pixel XL will go for $769.99 ($32.08/month for 24 months)

128GB Pixel  will cost $749.99 ($31.24/month for 24 months)

128GB Pixel XL will go for $869.99 ($36.24/month for 24 months)

In the U.S., the Pixel will be an exclusive Verizon phone, though you can pick up an unlocked version from the Google Store (which will in turn support Project Fi). To pre-Order Google Pixel then go through the Source link below. However, it is not live right now, but in some time Verizon will start taking Pre-Orders.

The pre-orders will go live today in UK and Canada.Moreover, in India the Pre-orders will be live on 13th October 2016 and the shipping will start in 2-3 weeks.


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