The above image doesn’t look much different than any other official Samsung Galaxy Nexus image we have seen before, but this one isn’t just any Galaxy Nexus. According to the astute men of DroidLife, this image has the distinction of originally having the file name “Verizon_SCH-i515.jpg.″ The image was located on Samsung’s website, and despite its name the device pictured lacks any recognizable Verizon marks. Two possibilities here: (1) the file is a placeholder image with Verizon included in its name for identification purposes for the people working on the Samsung website, or (2) like the Nexus devices before it, the Galaxy Nexus will be absent of the expected carrier branding, lending to it’s clean Google Experience roots. Sure, it’s a bit much of a fuss over a single image, but it is the Galaxy Nexus. We’ll take any excuse to talk about this beautiful device.
[via DroidLife]


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