As the Transformer 2 is soon to arrive as early as next month, looks as if the price of original Eee Pad Transformer is being dropped to $350. Many of the online retailers out there still have it listed for its original price of $400 for the 16GB, and $470-$500 for the 32GB version. But Walmart has decided to offer the $50 discount for the 16GB model.
It seems logical that this discount is likely related to the fact that the Transformer 2 is soon to be shipped out. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as the Eee Pad is a great device, became very popular and still is. With its innovative form factor that incorporates an optional keyboard dock, it’s no wonder many searching for a great tablet were drawn to it. So since ASUS has continued to keep the first-generation Transformer up-to-date with Honeycomb, this deal is not something to be overlooked.


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