Prisma has gained a lot of name in the photo editing industry. It has been seen from the latest update that it has crossed 50 million users. That’s a big number. Prisma the photo editing app came into existence in late July 2016. So it has been approx 1.5 years and about 50 million downloads. The thing to see is that small time in which so many downloads have taken place.

I know for those who don’t know about prisma, they must be thinking what this app is about. Well, it gives the user an unique photo editing experience. Its feature is to turn any picture into an expressionist painting. The app has a number of filters that convert the picture into a painting. The filters have got their name after those artists who inspired them.

This makes this app distinct and the app not only gained a lot attention among the users but also the press. The filters has been named after the ones like Picasso, munk and many others.

The app uses artificial intelligence as well as neural networks that convert your favorite pictures into a piece of art. For those who haven’t tried the app, should go and download it. I am sure it will give you guys a different experience. And do comment below about your experience.


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