Project Fi K 2.7.13 Launching Group Plans?


Project Fi K 2.7.13 whose teardown has been done by folks over the Android Police. In teardown we have got to know that Google has added Group Plans in latest version. In Actual Project Fi is a low-cost, easy to manage with a simple app, and it even breaks new ground with intrinsic support for multi-network connectivity.


There’s not any clear evidence about the Project Fi, but here’s what we got:

<string name=”overage_title”>Data budget alert</string>
<string name=”overage_details”>%1$s has used %2$s more than budgeted.</string>
<string name=”self_overage_details”>You’ve used %1$s more than budgeted.</string>

Similarly, there are many other occurrences that have hinted towards the existence of  Group Plans on Project Fi.



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