project infinite

Dropbox is working on a project named as infinite which is based on the problem of syncing the whole files to your hardrive if you have a desktop application of Dropbox. When you need any file you are unable to get the details where the file you are looking for is located. This new technology will allow you to see all the files and folders as like on the cloud on your laptop or desktop, but it won’t be present in full size over the arrive. It will only bring short cut of the file. When you need it you can sync any particular file.

While files will look like they’re still stored locally, a cloud icon indicates they’re actually still stored on Dropbox’s servers. You can see the video below of demo to  know more about the Project Infinite.

“With regards to how it will be delivered and to which account types, we are not sharing information on pricing and packaging at this time,” a Dropbox spokesman said. “That said, we see lots of potential use cases for the technology.”

Project Infinite will support Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.


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