Tired of having to sync his Android device every give minutes to update his Twitter and Facebook feeds, XDA developer “rosenbaa29″ has found a workaround thanks to an app called “PUSHEE.” The app is designed to bypass the automatic refresh cycle of apps like Facebook and Twitter, which can drain an Android battery pretty quickly. Still in it’s BETA stage, Pushee is the first ever social push notification app for Android designed to save battery power and notifies users by push notification, rather than sync.

Here’s how it works. Instead of your Android phone checking the Facebook/Twitter servers for updates, Pushee’s servers check your accounts every 60-90 seconds. When an update is found, a push message is sent to your phone. The result, is no battery drain. Course, that means users have to give log in information to Pushee, but that’s nothing new with third party apps.
Users wishing to give Pushee a try can get it at the Pushee Development page. To install, make sure the “Unknown Sources” tab in Settings -> Application screen before downloading to allow installation this app.


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