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After, Apple and Samsung patent wars, the Cupertino company is now attached to another controversy. In the latest controversy, Qualcomm, a mobile chipmaker has alleged Apple of stealing its source code from one of its chipsets. Qualcomm also accuses Apple of giving the chipset secrets to Intel.

samsung qualcomm snapdragon

The complaint is a part of the motion filed by Qualcomm last year in November. As per the complaint filed by Qualcomm, Apple has violated the terms by sharing the confidential information with Intel l. In today’s filing Qualcomm has said that, “multi-year campaign of sloppy, inappropriate and deceitful conduct … for the purpose of improving lower-quality modem chipsets, including those manufactured by Intel, a competitor of Qualcomm, to render such chipsets useable in Apple devices with the ultimate goal of diverting Qualcomm’s Apple-based business to Intel.”

This mistrust between the companies has led to the iPhone 2018 model to come with Intel-made modem chips. In the year 2016 and 2017, both companies were at the peak of their friendship and had shared various agreements which led to the access of Qualcomm’s chip designer tools. The access was to integrate the modem chips with the hardware of Apple devices.

Now, Qualcomm accuses that the Apple has used the same designer tools to “improve the sub-par performance of Intel’s chipsets.” 

Currently, the detailed report is not out yet, but we hope an official response from Apple on this in next few hours.

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