Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App: Roller


TalkAndroid is happy to bring you the first installment in a daily column where one of our staff spends a little time with the free app Amazon is offering and gives you a quick summary of the app’s highlights and whether or not it’s worth your time. Today’s offering is Roller, and if the picture above doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, it’s a Skee Ball app. While there is an ad-supported free version in the market, Amazon’s offering you the ad-free version which is usually $.99.
The concept is exactly what you’d expect: Skee Ball. Flick your finger up the track to send the ball flying into one of the holes at the end for points. It works just like the Skee Ball machine at your local arcade…and, fun fact, I’m about as good at the Android version as I am at the real thing! (Not very.)
What immediately struck me about the game was the level of polish. It has options to adjust the sensitivity of the “flick,” decent sound effects (which I immediately turned off, so I can play at work), and an excellent level of responsiveness. It’s also got multiple offerings for the color and style of your ball, and three different skins for the lane. It also tracks your high score, so you can see whether or not you do, in fact, get better with practice.
Bottom line: Get it. It’s less than 3MB, it’s free, and it’s a fun little time-killer. There’s no reason not to grab it from the Amazon Appstore.
Be sure and check back every day for our coverage of the daily free apps from Amazon!!


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