Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Super Dynamite Fishing


If you love to hunt this game is for you. Yes, I said hunt. Try this game and you’ll see why. Its a fun, fairly addictive fishing game. Yet your objective is to use unconventional means to catch the fish. You basically take control of the games character, which from the looks of him, he’s a poor good ol’ boy, sportin’ a trucker hat, overalls and a five o’clock shadow. Due to his lack of money he goes in to fishing to get paid. Any other normal fishing game you’d take your pole and cast in to the waters and see what you can pull out. Not this game. Here you visit the weapon shop and buy the required equipment, as in dynamite and shotguns so you can get out on that river and murder some fish, and even possibly find some buried treasure. Also as you rack up the cash, you can gradually upgrade your boat, five different styles. From a shower tub which you start with to a river boat, a viking ship, a battleship, and my personal favorite, The Nautilus from 20,000 Leauges Under The Sea.

The features, and fun comic strip style animation will have you passing the time, playing this game. The slaughtering of fish, dealing with the other characters, the love of your little lady Rose, achievements, and more, make this game quite enjoyable. Finally, you’ll see when it come to navigating the waters in your vessel, you’ll use the phones accelerometer to move along as you swipe your finger to toss the dynamite in to the schools of defenseless fish.
This game is brought to us by Handy Games, and all day today can be had free in the Amazon App Store, where it is normally, $0.99.



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