Just when you thought you couldn’t get a Nook at RadioShack, they come up and surprise you by carrying the Nook. They’ve also got the Nook Color, both of these device available very soon in most if not all of their thousands of locations across the USA and Mexico. What you need to know is that while Barnes & Noble continues to grow their eReader business, their competitors are either dying (Borders, just this past weekend, rest in peace), or re-ramping up so as to avoid the massive Nook pain. Do you own a Nook yet? Do you plan on picking one up in the near future?

What we know is that soon RadioShack will be expanding their collection of mobile devices with their first real big eReader in both the Nook and the Nook Color. While RadioShack certainly has had a wide and strange variety of electronics in the past, and a mobile business now that’s expanding day by day, this is the first time they’ve really, truly hooked up with a book store chain. Does this mean that RadioShack customers will be reading more? Who can say!


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