real racing 3 1

real racing 3 1

It looks like to be original roads and cars speeding up at 100 and 100s mph. Yep that’s the new Firemonkeys Real Racing 3. The Real Racing 3 Trailer is part of the developer’s Development Diary series that is designed to provide fans with updates about the development of Real Racing 3.
Checkout Trailer:

Firemonkeys Real Racing 3 as shown in Trailer have impressive graphics along with several famous tracks like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Mount Panorama in Australia.

Aussie studio Firemonkeys used photo references of every angle of every track, as well as engineering data and elevation data, to recreate each circuit as accurately as possible.

Its reported to hit iOS devices first in February and than it will rock on Android Devices.

Source: Slashgear



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