Do We Really Need Google’s Allo?

Google Allo

Google recently announced its new social chatting app, Allo that can be said as AI oriented app. Mainly, Allo can reply to your friends on its own, you don’t need to type even a word.

Allo has Smart Reply built in (similar to Inbox), so you can respond to messages without typing a single word. Smart Reply learns over time and will show suggestions that are in your style. For example, it will learn whether you’re more of a “haha” vs. “lol” kind of person.

Also, it allows you to send a piece of Google Search Cards by using inbuilt Google Assistant. It’s quite high that you can add, send or attach any additional information to your chat.

Isn’t these features allow us to think like that we are talking to machines? Well, we don’t know whether its true or not. But we want to know your view about it? Share your views about it via comments form below.

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