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The latest report by telecom regulator TRAI revealed that Reliance Jio, among other mobile networks, topped the charts in May by registering an all-time high download speed of 19.12Mbps. The second and third spots were grabbed by Idea at 13.70Mbps, and Vodafone at 13.38Mbps respectively. Surprisingly, Airtel stood at the fourth position at 10.15Mbps.

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It is the fourth consecutive month when Reliance Jio was able to maintain the top position in terms of 4G download speed.

When it comes to average speeds, the results show the same order with Jio leading at 18.4Mbps, Idea at 11.8Mbps, Vodafone at 11.5Mbps, and Airtel at 9.9Mbps.

However, 4G upload speed test turned the table with Jio gaining third position in the month of May. Idea cellular stood at the top with 4G upload speed of 8.45Mbps, followed by Vodafone at  7.33Mbps and Reliance Jio at 5.25Mbps. Airtel again stood at the fourth position with an upload speed of 4.64Mbps.

In terms of average speeds, Idea topped at 7.2Mbps, Vodafone at 6.8Mbps, Airtel at 4.4Mbps, and Jio came last at 4.3Mbps.

This is to note that TRAI calculates data download speed with the help of its MySpeed application on a real-time basis.



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