In early August a leaked roadmap for Verizon turned up and on it was listed the Samsung Illusion Android smartphone. Today we have a bit more information on the Illusion from Samsung with a new render of the device that has leaked. Previously a small image of the smartphone had turned up as well. The Illusion has model number SCF-I110.

We still have no idea when the Illusion will get official, what hardware is inside, and what the phone will cost. It has the look of a lower price phone and clearly shows 3G connectivity in the rendering. The Illusion looks like a mid to entry-level device on the surface.
The phone has an appealing design and rumors claim that the phone is a green device. Green could mean parts of the phone are made from recycled plastic and possibly the phone is designed to be more energy efficient. We will have to wait until the phone gets official to see what is going on under the hood.
[via PhoneDog]


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