Report: Palm to make a comeback through TCL in 2018


If you have started recollecting the good old days, Palm was considered one of the best PDAs and smartphones brand. At one time, the company created a lot of buzz when people believed that Palm brand could be the iPhone killer. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out well for the company and it was acquired by HP in 2010. Later on, HP decided to discontinue the brand when things got worse due to poor sales performance.

After a long time though, the company is in news again as it is making a comeback early next year. All credit goes to TCL, which currently owns the Palm brand. According to TCL’s Marketing Manager, Stefan Streit, “The company will be announcing some new Palm devices in early 2018. However, he did not indicate what products we should expect from the company.” We assume that the company may be considering to release a smartphone or two, based on Android OS rather than the legacy WebOS.

Just to let you know, TCL is also responsible for bringing up Alcatel and Blackberry in their difficult times. The company has recently released Blackberry KEYone– its first BlackBerry-branded smartphone which has been greatly appreciated by users worldwide. However, it remains to be seen that how well TCL manages to revive the Palm brand in this highly-competitive industry.


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