Report: Samsung to launch 10.5-inch Galaxy tablet with AMOLED display next month


A Report form Korea has revealed that Samsung is going to launch its second ever 10.5 inch galaxy tablet with AMOLED display in the next month or sooner. The tablet will reportedly carry a screen-size of 10.5-inch, notes ET news.


We all know after the launch of the not so well traded Samsung galaxy 7.7 the rumors of the next tablet with AMOLED started but now they are on the verge to get into reality. The earlier report from noted that Samsung is working on two AMOLED display tablet – 8-inch and 10-inch, Which makes the Report have a good back bone and base.

Its not the case that ET news ignored the 8 inch tablet, but ET news says that 10.5 will be launched much earlier that is next month as compared to the other 8 inch AMOLED display powered Galaxy Tablet. No more details are now out but we assume atleast one of the tablets to be out in 1st  quater of 2014.

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