Recently Cambridge Analytica has gathered personal information of more than 50 million users from Facebook. Along with it, a new piece of information is making headlines these days. Recent revelations have shown that Facebook has been collecting your personal information from ages. A number of Facebook users have claimed that Facebook has recorded their personal data including the call logs, message details, etc. So let’s check out some in-depth information surrounding this matter.


Ars Technica(a trusted website) has claimed that Facebook has been collecting this data for the sake of users. According to them, Facebook is using Contacts, Call logs, SMS data, etc to improve the friend recommendation feature present in the app. As per the reports, Facebook is collecting this data for a long from their Messenger app. Facebook has shown several prompts for the Android users related to the collection of information which we have simply ignored.

The fresh prompts have clearly revealed that Facebook wants to gather further information about a Facebook user’s personal life. According to sources, Facebook is doing the same for a long now, even when Android policies were not that strict. In context to that Facebook says that it is normal for the apps to access personal info so that they can deliver a more refined experience. Fortunately, Apple users didn’t get affected by it, Apple has some strict policies which protect users data from various apps. To access this type of information in an Apple device the app needs some special permissions which on an Android device is lacking.

To apologize for this Mark Zuckerberg has accepted their mistake by publishing the apologies for their service in more than 10 newspapers. According to the brand, they have already stopped the third party access to information.


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